Face lifting with acupuncture is a new and unique technique in Spain. It is performed with tiny acupuncture needles that are applied to the face and to other parts of the body for an optimal result. Because the needles are so thin, the technique is not painful or unpleasant. It includes cleaning the skin of the face before the treatment and a massage with rose water after the treatment, finishing off with the use of the jade roller, which optimizes the results and relaxes the skin in a pleasant and effective manner.

Also, during your first session you will receive a gift: a dossier with tips and natural homemade remedies and a jade roller, so that you can maintain your skin firm and radiant at home.

A face lift with acupuncture will:

  • Give light and luminosity to your face
  • Provide definition to your skin
  • Make you look radiant and rested
  • Make small wrinkles disappear
  • Make deeper wrinkles less obvious
  • Reduce bags and rings under your eyes

All of this is done without any chemical products, without surgery and without side effects.

The treatment includes 8-10 sessions (one session per week), depending on the needs of each person. The price of one session is 50 euros. However, if you purchase the 8 session coupon, each session will only cost 40 euros (320 euros in total for the coupon). Moreover, purchasing the coupon guarantees that any extra sessions you ever have will remain at the price of 40 euros only.

If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact me, without any obligation: info@parisa-vida-natural.com / 686 453 258