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If you’d like to be healthy, feel good and always remain at your optimal weight, the solution is not to diet, but to make a change in your eating and life habits that you can keep up forever, in an easy and pleasant way.

If you are ready to make the change and need some help, I can offer you my exclusive nutrition coaching program, completely personalized for you:



It includes a base plan of 21 days, in which we will make a substantial change in the way that you eat and in your life habits. After these 21 days, we will perform a follow up of one more month, after which you will continue your individual path towards a healthier and fuller life.

This program includes the following:

  • Initial session –

– Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis

– Weight and blood pressure check

  • After the initial session – 

– Documentation of all ingested food for three days

– Second session after three days, in order to review the list of foods and to start the program

  • 21 day program – 

– Elaboration of a completely personalized plan, which is sent via email as a PDF document

– Personal follow up every seven days, including review of ingested foods, weight control, blood pressure control and general wellbeing

– Resolution of any doubts or questions

  • After the 21 day program – 

– Follow up once a week, for a month, including a review of all ingested foods, weight control, blood pressure and general wellbeing

– Resolution of any doubts or questions

At the end of this program, you will see the notable difference in your weight, as well as in your wellbeing. Afterwards, it will be your decision whether you continue with these new eating habits or not, but I do firmly believe that, once you see the benefits, you will never want to look back!

The prices for this program are as follows:

  • Initial session, diagnosis and elaboration of personalized plan: 70 euros
  • Sessions within the 21 day plan (4): 20 euros
  • Follow up sessions (4): 10 euros
  • Total: 190 euros over 2 months

Ready to give it a go? Contact me: / 686 453 258