Reiki is a technique of transfer of energy via hand imposition. The word Reiki (Rei = universal and Ki = vital energy) is japanese, as is the technique, but the practice of transferring energy in order to heal has been used in many cultures and mentioned in many religions, under different names: prana for the hindus, ki for the japanese, qi for the chinese…

Reiki can be given in person or from a distance and it’s a completely safe technique. It can be received by any person of any age and in any physical, mental or emotional condition. This practice gives the receiver that which he/she needs in that moment, be it energy, peace, pain relief, etc. It also improves the mood and can boost the immune system.

It is a therapy that has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Spain, the United Kingdom and USA, many hospitals have included Reiki as a complementary therapy in order to help patients in their healing process, as it unblocks the flow of energy. In particular, it is used with patients who are receiving chemotherapy, in order to boost their immune system and improve their mood and therefore help them to deal with the treatment more easily and effectively.

Price of a Reiki session (45 minutes aprox.) – 20 euros

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