I started getting treatment with Parisa because I’d had recurring yeast infections for years and I wanted to stop taking medication regularly. Parisa completed a detailed questionnaire about my life habits and she advised a change in diet in order to deal with the infections; we also started a treatment with acupuncture. After several sessions I felt an obvious improvement and today, almost two years later, I have not had any further issues. I recommend Parisa because of her professionalism and her availability to answer any doubts that come up during the sessions and throughout the treatment period Mariajo de las Heras 


I heard about Parisa through a friend’s recommendation and I admit that I was initially skeptical, but I was desperate to solve my health issues, so I decided to give it a try. On my first visit, she thoroughly explained the deficiencies that my body had and my health has improved spectacularly since I started the treatment (almost a year ago). Apart from the acupuncture, the treatment with suction cups has also improved my cervical contractures and has been incredibly effective Belén García


From day one I have been extremely satisfied and happy with the acupuncture treatment I have received from Parisa Salashourian for my longstanding digestive problems. I was given a very thorough diagnosis and after having suffered discomfort for many years it is very gratifying to find a truly natural method that gives such relief. However, it is not only as an acupuncturist but also as a nutritionist that Parisa has guided me to live a much healthier life thanks to her knowledge and very professional care – Felicity Renshaw


In March of 2016, I started having acupuncture with Parisa in order to treat a pain in my right leg. Because of the pressure that my pelvis (which was lifted) made on my sciatic nerve, I had constant pain in my leg, and it was very contracted. After some sessions with Parisa, I experienced an amazing improvement, and I am now completely free of that horrible pain. Thank you, my friend! – Betty J. Ogburn